Urmi is a company which believes in making this world a better place for the generation to come. Thus our efforts to reduce carbon footprints is the first of its kind in the country. We are one of the pioneer company to claim to have a completely green facility. Also besides that, we have our own water treatment facility which makes sure that no waste is directly exposed to the environment. Our anaerobic biological ETP has the capacity of 4000 m3 per day. Also, our facilities are developed in such a manner that sunlight directly enters through our roof to the production line reducing the need of light. Also, we use environmental friendly lights in all our places. We have 3 EGB boilers which save 558,335 m3 of gas and reduce 1,073,154 kg of co2 emission per annum. We also have hot Water Module (HWM) which saves 670,356 m3 of gas and reduce 964,672 kg of co2 emission per annum We are actively taking part to lessen carbon footprint.