Social Sustainability

We see people as our resources and try to make them as much empowered as possible. We regularly hold trainings which directly impacts in increasing efficiency on our process. We also provide Environment and Health safety training for them.

Urmi group is a brand to its workers which they can rely on. We provide good working environment which helps the workers to have lesser tension in mind and focus on work. We provide them salary on time and in some cases financial assistance to employee and their families. They are also entitled to two yearly bonuses. We also cover them under group insurance. Employees are provided pick and drop services from home to station. They also get rewards on the yearly programs based on performances. We have established day care centers for taking care of employees’ under aged children while they work. We have full time doctor and medical facilities in our factories.

Economic Sustainability

In 2003 our turnover was just 6 million us dollars. We believed in the business so much that we put full thrust on it to scale it up to double figures in million. Thus we succeeded doing it in 2005 having a total turnover of 12 million. We doubled in up in just two years and went straight to 26 million usd. Today we have a staggering turnover of 105 million usd which is 18 times higher compared to what we had 13 years back. We have grown to a giant from just a dream to make a footprint.

Environmental Sustainability

Urmi is a company which believes in making this world a better place for the generation to come. Thus our efforts to reduce carbon footprints are the first of its kind in the country. We are one of the pioneer companies to claim having a complete green facility. Our anaerobic biological ETP has the capacity of 4000 m3 per day without zero discharge. Also our facilities are developed in such a manner that sun light directly enters through our roof to the production line reducing the need of light. Also we use environmental friendly lights in all our places. We have 3 EGB boilers which save 558,335 m3 of gas and reduce 1,073,154 kg of co2 emission per annum. We also have Hot Water Module (HWM) which saves 670,356 m3 of gas and reduce 964,672 kg of co2 emission per annum We are actively taking part to lessen carbon footprint.


Stakeholder’s Engagement through Training and Project

Management of Urmi Group is very much positive to ensure optimum facility to the employees. So, management has taken significant initiatives to engage its stakeholders through different training and projects that will ultimately help the employees to be benefited. A short summary of stakeholders’ engagement could be listed as below:


Project/Training Name


1 Youth Economic Development (YED) Plan International Bangladesh
2 Youth Apprenticeship and Job Placement Project (YAJP) Plan International Bangladesh
3 Marks & Start Industrial Project. M&S
4 Sweden Textile Water Initiative (STWI) KGS
5 Cleaner Production (CP) H&M
6 In Depth Cleaner Production(In Depth CP) H&M
7 Continuous Improvement (CI) Decathlon
8 Carbon Performance Improvement Initiative (CPI2) Tchibo
9 Skills and Employment Program in Bangladesh (SEP-B) SUDOKHO
10 Worldwide Enhancement of Social Quality (WE) Tchibo
11 Return of Investment Study                                                                                           (ROI Study) Phulki
12 Training and Promotion of Operators to Supervisors in the Bangladeshi Ready Made Garments Industry. GIZ, IPA and University of  Warwick
13 Saving Women from unwanted pregnancy and unsafe MR program. Phulki
14 Up-skilling training program for garment quality assurance system. BKMEA
15 Supplier Qualification Program (SQP)

Major Area Covered:

1.       Social Standard

2.       Fire Safety

3.       Electrical Safety

4.       Structural Safety

5.       Occupational Health & Safety standard

6.       Chemical Management System

7.       Environmental Management System

8.       Childcare Facility & Women empowerment.

9.       Healthcare Services.

Conducted by GIZ for Lild through Triton Textile
16 Better Work Program ILO
17 Social Dialogue Program H&M